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 content-certified mail/electronic content-certified mail agency 

 ● Supports both content-certified mail and electronic content-certified mail 

  Responding to all cases  

 ● Support from writing to shipping 

 ● Online interviews, emails, and phone calls are OK 

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What is content-certified mail?

For content-certified mail, the post office (Japan Post Co., Ltd.)who""what kind of letter""When?It is a mail that proves ". You can also apply psychological pressure (compulsion) to the recipient.

❶ When should I use content-certified mail?

As mentioned above,"who"what kind of letter""When?If you want to prove

Even if you send a bill or notice by regular mail, you may be told that you have not received it. .

for example,

  1. When you want to collect your debt

  2. When you want to use cooling-off

  3. When you want to make evidence

  4. When the debt is transferred

  5. When you waive your debt 

  6. When you want to stop the progress of the statute of limitations

It is considered to be effective to use in such a case.

When should I use certified mail?Please refer to.

❷ Why is content-certified mail effective?


Really, just by being able to prove what kind of letter you sent and when, will you easily transfer the money you didn't pay no matter how many times you asked for it, or will you return the money you lent?

Many people don't know what "content-certified mail" means.

Of course, you can ignore it.

However, content-certified mail

  • Delivered by registered mail and made to feel like an important piece of writing

  • Written in a formal style that is different from ordinary letters, it gives a different impression than conventional requests and reminders.

  • There is a description in the text that proves that "Japan Post Co., Ltd." sent it as content-certified mail

  • In some cases, the name of a person engaged in law, such as an administrative scrivener or lawyer, is listed as an agent

  • Include content in the text suggesting that legal action will be taken if ignored

In this way, content-certified mail is considered effective because it can put psychological pressure on the other party.


cooling offIn the above, notice must be given in writing, but there is no guarantee of receipt if notice is sent by ordinary mail such as a postcard. We recommend that you send the notification by content-certified mail in order to leave evidence that the notification was definitely sent.


Content-certified mail is effective for claiming rightsPlease refer to.

❸ Content-certified mail and electronic content-certified mail


To certify the contents, you must go through the shipping procedures at the post office window.content-certified mail” and shipping procedures can be done from home on a computer connected to the Internet.Electronic content-certified mailThere are two types of ".

There are differences in how to write, the amount of text that can be written, and the fee.

For details, please check each from the following.

  • Content-certified mail that carries out shipping procedures at the post officehere

*Procedures cannot be made at any post office. Please be careful.

  • Electronic content-certified mail for sending from a computerhere

❹Specific examples of content-certified shipping

In ❶, when should you use content-certified mail?

Proof of content of divorce, husband and wife, common-law marriage

  • application for divorce

  • Compensation claim for abuser

  • unpaid child support claim

  • Marriage Cost Sharing Claim


◆Proof of gender issues

  • Claim for alimony for breach of engagement

  • Abortion Cost Sharing Claims

  • Claims for damages for sexual crimes


◆ Content proof of financial problems

  • loan repayment notice

  • Accounts receivable billing notice

  • Notice of Invocation of Extinct Prescription

  • Receivables assignment & set-off notice


◆Proof of content of accidents and incidents

  • Compensation claims for traffic accidents

  • Claims for damages for assault injuries


◆ Proof of contents of lease

  • Deposit refund request

  • Eviction fee claim

  • Notice of Renewal Refusal

  • Late Rent Claim Notice

  • Application for noise restraint

◆Proof of Labor Issues

  • Resignation notice

  • Dismissal notice allowance claim

  • unpaid wage claim

  • Sexual harassment injunction request

  • Power harassment injunction request


◆ Content proof of consumer issues

  • Auction refund request

  • Refund request for unscrupulous business

  • Cooling-off notification

  • Notice of mid-term cancellation of specific services

◆Proof of content of intellectual property

  • Copyright Infringement Warning

  • Reply that there is no copyright infringement

  • Warn against unauthorized use of software

  • Warning of infringement of character rights


❺ Fees for creating and sending certified mail at our office


Our going administrative scrivener office accepts the writing and shipping of content-certified mail and electronic content-certified mail for the following fees (compensation).

<Initial fee>

●Electronic content-certified mail (cooling-off): 18,000 yen (tax included)

* Postage will be charged separately.

In the case of one sheet of content certification document: 1,540 yen

Original: 1,236 yen = postage (99 yen) + content certification fee (382 yen) + registered mail fee (435 yen) + delivery certification fee (320 yen)

Certified copy: 304 yen

●Electronic content-certified mail (other than cooling-off): 25,000 yen (tax included)

* Postage will be charged separately.

In the case of one sheet of content certification document: 1,540 yen

Original: 1,236 yen = postage (99 yen) + content certification fee (382 yen) + registered mail fee (435 yen) + delivery certification fee (320 yen)

Certified copy: 304 yen


● Content-certified mail: 30,000 yen (tax included)

* Postage will be charged separately.

In the case of one sheet of content-certified document: 1,279 yen = content certification fee (440 yen) + standard postage (84 yen) + registration fee (435 yen) + delivery certification fee (320 yen)

<Result reward>


In the case of debt collection and alimony claims, in addition to the starting fee and postage, after the collection is completed and the settlement is reached,

  • If the result amount is up to 300,000 yen: 30,000 yen

  • If the result amount exceeds 300,000 yen: 10% of the result amount

* The performance fee includes the cost of preparing settlement documents, debt approval documents, debt repayment contracts, etc., and legal checks.


❻ Flow from inquiry to delivery of content-certified mail

From inquiries to our office to sending content-certified mail, please follow the flow below.

① Inquiry (Customer)

② Send quotation, invoice, power of attorney (our office)

③ Application/payment of deposit (customer)

↓ Send the documents necessary to write the content certification, identity certificate, and signed and stamped power of attorney

④ Send the content certification document draft (our office)

⑤ Content confirmation (customer)

⑥ Correction and shipping procedures (our office)

⑦ In the case of debt collection / claim for compensation

・Preparation of out-of-court settlement documents, debt approval documents, and debt repayment contracts (our firm)

・Payment of performance fee (customer)



For inquiries and applications, please use the followingInquiries/ApplicationsPlease use the form.

If you would like to use the phone, LINE, or Chatworkherefrom

​For inquiries other than by phone24 hours receptionWe are here. Please feel free to contact us.



Thank you for sending

❽ Notes


Gyoseishoshi Lawyers are subject to business restrictions under the Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Act, Attorney Act, and other laws and regulations.
We can accept consultations related to the preparation of documents for content certification, but we cannot accept settlement negotiations, representation in courts, or preparation of documents related to court procedures. Depending on the case, we will take measures such as introducing a lawyer according to your request.

customer's voice


Request details: Cooling off by electronic content certification


I asked for a cooling-off for the home repair contract construction contract that my mother had contracted.

My mother lives alone in a house a little far from where I live.
I try to see my face every weekend, but in the middle of the week, a housing renovation company suddenly visited me and signed a contract for repairing cracks in the outer wall and waterproofing the veranda.
It seems that the cracks in the outer wall were certainly a concern, but regarding the waterproofing work on the veranda, they were forced to sign a contract without an inspection and without knowing the grounds. I wanted to do it, so I called the remodeling company to confirm, but they said that the schedule for the repair work had not been decided yet, so I could cancel over the phone.
After that, when I looked at the contract again, there was an item "I fully understand the cooling-off period."

At first, I was going to cancel by phone, but I became uneasy, and through an acquaintance, I consulted with the Going Administrative Scrivener Office.
・ Cooling-off must be notified in writing
・Even if you send it in writing, send a content-certified mail with proof of delivery that can prove that it has arrived without error.
・ Feeling distrustful of the fact that the other party said that you can cancel even by phone
After explaining such things, I was also told that although there are rules such as methods and methods, I can also create and send sentences myself.
However, since there were only 4 days remaining in the cooling-off period, I gave top priority to sending it without any mistakes, so I asked for the writing and shipping.

After requesting a request, we will send you an email with a copy of the contract and information about the other party. On the other hand, I could understand what was needed and what was being done, so I was able to proceed with the procedure without worry, and the cooling-off was completed successfully.

Thank you very much.

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