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Handling business

Various permit applications/procedures, subsidy/support application, drone registration/flying permission application,Car storage place (garage proof), Immigration services (status of residence, VISA, naturalization), application for copyright registration, drafting and checking contracts, content-certified mail, drafting complaints, and other major handling tasks.

In addition to guidance, it is said that there are more than 10,000 types of documents that administrative scrivener can handle. If you are preparing documents to be submitted to administrative agencies, we will make use of our wide network and promise to provide the maximum support, even if it is not a handling business.



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Drone registration/flying permission

Drone flights with certain conditions, regardless of business or hobby, may require permission or approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Also, after June 20, 2022, drone registration will be required for drones weighing 100g or more.
On behalf of the customer, we will carry out the procedures for registration and flight permission application.


  • register

  • Individual application

  • Comprehensive application

  • Renewal application



Foreigners need a status of residence to work in Japan.
From consultation to application, administrative scriveners handle the application. Applicants do not have to go to the immigration office and can concentrate on their work and studies.

  • Renewal of status of residence

  • Change of status of residence

  • Permanent residence permit application

  • naturalization application

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility

  • short stay



Various license applications and procedures

Permits and licenses are procedures to be carried out at each administrative agency such as police stations, public health centers, prefectures, etc., in order to carry out a specific business, and to obtain that permission.

There are licenses, permits, approvals, registrations, and notifications for permits and licenses, and the procedures and requirements necessary to obtain permits and licenses differ depending on each business. There are a lot of application documents, and some of them require even more specialized knowledge.

In addition, there are licenses and licenses that require continuous procedures even after the start of business, such as the obligation to report once a year even after obtaining licenses and renewal procedures after a certain period of time. We will do our best to help you so that you can concentrate on your core business.


  • Construction business (governor's license, minister's license)

  • Building lots and buildings transaction business (governor's license, minister's license)

  • Industrial waste collection and transportation business

  • curio dealer

  • ​restaurant

  • Nursing care business

  • road use permit

​ and others

We support applications for various subsidies, support funds, and cooperation funds for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses.

  • fundraising

  • Manufacturing, new services, new product development, introduction of new production methods

  • Improvement of specific manufacturing base technology

  • Market development support for small businesses

  • Overseas expansion of SMEs and micro businesses

  • Developing new business fields through cooperation between businesses in different fields​


Subsidy/support money support


Contract drafting, content certification, complaint drafting

Preparation of various contracts, legal checks, corrections,Content-certified mail/Electronic content-certified mail, we will prepare a complaint.

  • Contract drafting, legal check

SubcontractingLeasing/buying and sellingIOUNon-disclosure agreementCopyright License Agreement​etc.

Cooling-off, collection of accounts receivable, notice of assignment of receivables, request for refund of loan, use of prescription, etc.


  • Complaint writing

Copyright is a right that automatically arises when a work is created, and does not need to be registered. It has the effect of reducing the burden of proof and equipping a third party with requirements for countermeasures.

  • real name registration

  • Registration of first issue date

  • Copyright transfer registration

  • Registration of transfer of related rights

  • Pledge setting registration for copyright, etc.

  • Registration of publishing rights

  • Registration of the date of creation of the registered program work such as setting of publication rights



Copyright registration application


We will take care of procedures such as applying for a car storage place to the police station.

  • Car storage place (garage proof)

  • New registration (used car new)

  • Transfer registration (name change)

  • Change of registered information (address change, name change, user change)

  • Temporary deregistration

​ and others

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